A raucous new musical that combines singing, sex, and Velociraptors in ways hitherto unimagined, TRIASSIC PARQ follows a group of cloned dinosaurs as they unearth the very foundations of their existence. Morality, faith, science, gender identity, and interspecies fornication are all explored, and sung about, as Morgan Freeman narrates this epic tale of love, loss, and resurrected reptiles.

This is TRIASSIC PARQ. Hang on to your DNA.


"They've captured the essence of what a musical is."
- Time Out New York

"Not since Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead has there been
such a playful reimagining."
- Backstage (Critic's Pick)

"Incredibly inventive and uproarious...
one of the most intelligent parodies of a musical since Urinetown."
- Broadwayworld

Presented Off Broadway by Amas Musical Theatre in association with Flying Squirrel Theatricals, RD Productions, Bulldog Theatrical, P2 Creations, and The Weekly World News.